Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society Seed Bank

We’re excited to have these seeds to offer donated by to the CFPACS Seedbank by the Montgomery Botanical Center.  We can be confident in the proper identification and viability of these seeds.

Minimum purchase is $6.00 and may be made up of a variety of seeds.

Non-members pay 10% fee on order.  We encourage you to join our society.

Buyer pays shipping.

Ordering: Please send an email to theseedbank@yahoo.com with orders or questions for our Seed Bank Coordinators, Jerry & Libby Luedeke. Please include your mailing address with your order.  Payment instruction will be given upon ordering.  We accept Paypal or check/money order.

Seeds Available for Purchase – Updated: 10/12/2020
SpeciesCollectedQty. AvailablePrice
Arenga tremula09/28/202010010/$5
Borassus aethiopum09/14/2020102/$10
Carpentaria acuminata09/29/202010020/$5
Chamaedorea hooperiana09/28/20205110/$6
Chamaedorea tepejilote09/28/202010010/$5
Coccothrinax argentata09/17/202020310/$5
Coccothrinax borhidiana09/17/202010010/$8
Coccothrinax clarensis09/14/202030010/$7
Coccothrinax crinita ssp. crinita09/28/202010010/$5
Coccothrinax inaguensis09/14/2020285/$10
Coccothrinax macroglossa09/28/202010010/$12
Copernicia tectorum09/28/202016610/$6
Gaussia attenuata09/22/202010010/$7
Gaussia gomez-pompae09/22/202010010/$7
Gaussia maya09/22/202010010/$7
Hemithrinax ekmaniana09/23/202011210/$16
Pritchardia forbesiana09/29/202019010/$10
Pritchardia pacifica09/17/202010010/$8
Pseudophoenix vinifera09/15/202010010/$10
Sabal palmetto09/02/202010010/$1
Sabal minor09/28/202010010/$2
Schippia concolor09/24/202010010/$2
Thrinax radiata09/14/202010010/$3
Thrithrinax brasilensis var. acanthocoma09/14/202010010/$4
Zamia loddigesii01/23/20209810/$5
Zamia aff. lucayana01/22/202066/$15
Zamia lucayana01/23/202010010/$10
Zamia pumila03/05/20208010/$6
Zamia vazquezii02/27/202010010/$10