The CFPACS seed bank offers many different kinds of palm and cycad seeds as they become available from member plants throughout the year. Funds from the sale of the seeds are earmarked for palm research and community beautification projects.

Seed inventories change with the flowering season. Check back often for the latest available species.

Ordering: Please send an email to our Seed Bank Coordinators, Jerry & Libby Luedeke, at with your mailing address and your order. Minimum purchase is $6.00 and may be made up of a variety of seeds. Non-members pay a 10% fee on orders. We encourage you to join our society. Buyer pays postage. Questions about ordering can also be sent to

Seeds Available for Purchase – Updated: 09/24/18
Allagoptera arenaria4/1.00
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana5/1.00
Archontophoenix maxima5/1.00
Archontophoenix tuckeri4/1.00
Crysophila staurancantha4/1.00
Dypsis “Mahajanga”4/1.00
Gaussia maya4/1.00
Livistona lanuginose4/1.00
Cycas edentate1.00 ea.
Cycas panhihuaensis1.00 ea.
Zamia “Jamaica Giant”1.00 ea.